Sunday, 20 November 2011

The J's Family

                          JIMMY JIMMY                                  
                             JIMMA JIMMY
                             JIMMO JIMMY
                           JELLY JIMMY
                            JIMME JIMMY
                                     JAESHA JIMMY

           Jimmo is the one who create my name at first. She called and ask me 'Where's Jimmy?' and then we build The J's Family ;)

I miss them :'(

                                                            SOFEA NAZIRA
                            I miss this girl so much! I wish one day we could hangout together ;)
                            Love ya JIMMO!   
                                                          HUDA ADRIANA
                            I miss this girl too :'( I wish we all could hangout together ;)
                                          Love ya JIMMA!
                                         FATIN AQILAH
                                   I miss this hotchick too <3 I hope we could hangout too ;)
                                                     Love ya FATIN!
                                                        NOOR     FAZLIANA
                            I love this cute girl too <3 Hope we could hangout together ;)
                                          Love ya FAZ!
                                         RAJA NURKHALISA NADHRAH
                            I miss this crazy girl too <3 I wanna meet her NOW!
                                          Love ya RAJA!
                                                RAJA FARISYA
                             I miss this one more RAJA <3 I wanna meet her too NOW!
                                            Love ya RF!


                         Hey,it's me again! So my cousin came to my house for sleepover.Well, we had so much fun!
                         Unfortunately, she slept early last night so, we cant hv fun last night! Tht's all for now!
                         Enjoy reading ;)

Morning people!

                                            Yo people! Its me sarah dynh againn. Before I start I jst wanna say
                                             GOOD MORNING ;) so, how's your day today? I hope your day is
                                             gonna be AWESOME! so, tht's all for now ;) enjoy reading!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Time To Get My UPSR Results :D

Hello :D I'm gonna tell you about the time I got my UPSR results :) I went to school with my family on that day . Then I saw Sofea and Aina peeping in the corner . Then , I gave Sofea a big hug :3 We walked to the Science lab where I got my results . I went in to find out . Everyone got excited . Sofea and Aina waited eagerly outside the lab . Everyone including me screamed when the teacher announced that I got 5 A's ! I started crying and hugging my friends ! I was so happy that time . I went out and hugged my dad . Then I hugged Sofea . I saw tears in Sofea's eyes :D She was so happy for me :B Then I went in the lab once again to take a picture with the others . When I came out , Sofea  had bought me a Lipton Ice Lemon Tea :) She said it was a treat :D She also said because I screamed so loudly just now, so I needed a drink . I thanked her and started drinking . I went home after everything was finished . Lets say that was the best day of my life . Okay , thats it for now . Ciao ~(-.-)~

Monday, 14 November 2011

                                  Yo people! It's me Sarah.I've stop updating ma blog since last two days so sorry 
                                  ;D So,i'm currently at ma Granny's house in Taman Sentosa,Klang. 

Friday, 11 November 2011

Huda Adriana :D

Heyya people :D Imma tell you about my one and only , Huda Adriana :D Her full name is Huda Adriana binti Zaidi Ahar :) I've known her since 2010 . We weren't too close then , but now , we're besties :* She is the cutest girl I've ever met in my whole life ! I love her so much ! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤