Friday, 18 November 2011

Time To Get My UPSR Results :D

Hello :D I'm gonna tell you about the time I got my UPSR results :) I went to school with my family on that day . Then I saw Sofea and Aina peeping in the corner . Then , I gave Sofea a big hug :3 We walked to the Science lab where I got my results . I went in to find out . Everyone got excited . Sofea and Aina waited eagerly outside the lab . Everyone including me screamed when the teacher announced that I got 5 A's ! I started crying and hugging my friends ! I was so happy that time . I went out and hugged my dad . Then I hugged Sofea . I saw tears in Sofea's eyes :D She was so happy for me :B Then I went in the lab once again to take a picture with the others . When I came out , Sofea  had bought me a Lipton Ice Lemon Tea :) She said it was a treat :D She also said because I screamed so loudly just now, so I needed a drink . I thanked her and started drinking . I went home after everything was finished . Lets say that was the best day of my life . Okay , thats it for now . Ciao ~(-.-)~

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